Separation from God

imagesImagine a god sitting on a throne watching us, judging us and punishing or rewarding us according to laws he himself has created. Or perhaps we might be less harsh and imagine a God who encourages us to do good things, giving us mercy in religion and encouraging us to charity. It is a god that changes of opinions and tastes, since cultures are changing and adapting and good and evil change over the ages. In any case we are imagining a god who is different, who is out of ourselves, watching us like looking at a guinea pig that spins and spins on his wheel wire. An observer god.

That God, oblivious to ourselves, must be guessed, interpreted, translated. Surely there will be more people lit than others will tell us what God really wants from the observer today. They receive his inspiration and make interpretations of his will. We must faithfully follow the plans, translated by ministers from that God. It will be played god.

When we diverted our conduct from these designs, we rely on interpreters to intercede, to ask forgiveness from our God. Show repentance and promise never to fail, to get his blessing again and get on the road. Otherwise, we will dwell indefinitely apart from the grace of that God, who will not even see us. We are ignored. It will be a vengeful and cruel God, at least until we can check that our repentance is genuine. He calculates if our desire for God is the size of our failures. If it is smaller, he will definitely leave you in the way.

With such an infinitely powerful and mysterious God, how can we know what he think or want? We, ignorant poor, care for his ambiguous and difficult signals. Perhaps so powerful that it can not understand, because not even know her name correctly babble. It is far, far higher.

All told here speaks of a separate god. A god who created their children and ran them off to the weather, to examine how they behave. This separation has to experience neglect and, consequently, the need to stand on our own. We must equip ourselves with an animal instinct, a big, selfish ego, allowing us to survive in this vale of tears to all the dangers and temptations. We have been abandoned. And we’re always being watched from a distance. Our Father, infinite love, departed from us and constantly tries to see if we can return to him, if we can go back home.

I do not like that god.

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