Understand with the heart

imagesIn colloquial language we call heart to where we assume our feelings are deposited besides the organ that pumps the blood that runs through our veins. It is a simple way to separate thoughts that live in the brain, from feelings. Scientific theory has put, however, our feelings in the brain. But for simplicity of ideas, let’s assuming that those are in the heart.

The brain is the organ which is deposited mind, our consciousness and our intelligence. The ability to think. We use our brain to think, remember, think, speak, reason, etc. We have given our mind-powerful role in our lives. And the mind accepts it gladly. It is our service all the time that we are awake, generating thousands of images, desires, fabrications, calculations, all the time. 

That leading role that our minds in our lives, has been relegated to a lower plane to feelings. Feelings could be defined as sustained emotions, and those emotions are nothing but a nuisance to our everyday life. They complicate our work, distract us, let us not be “efficient” and much more. 

And after all, what are emotions? Most of us, at least the male human, we see them as a nuisance. No help us think, confuse us, we can not abandon them easily, and all for what? What we gain from our emotions or feelings? 

Now, what if science show that our feelings and sensations allow us to better understand the reality than our brain with its attentive mind? How can we adapt to a world where perceptions and feelings have the same “status” of prestige that an inquisitive mind? Did we ever tried to understand things from the heart? Probably none of us can guarantee that. Then, how we can move in an environment say “sensorial”? 

Before continuing, I want to clarify that I’m not thinking about what is called emotional intelligence. This concept is more about the ability of the mind to understand the feelings, which is clearly something else. What we are proposing here is not mentally understand (themselves or others) but to understand with the heart, understand the feelings and sensations with feelings. 

Going back to the point, each of us could adequately handle ourselves in a world where people understand things from the heart, with feelings? To do this, sensations and feelings should dominate interpersonal relations, leaving the mind the role of associate partner. The heart should use all its tools, such as trust, intuition, comprehension, generosity, gratitude, passion, affection, empathy, and every other good and positive feeling that you can use to understand others, to relate, to associate with others. Understand with their heart, beyond what mind says. Beyond all suspicion and all trace of intolerance. 

If the answer to the question “could we properly handle in that environment” it is positive, yes, you are a whole person. If you are not afraid of that world of sensations, and fear not succumb cheated and abused by others, you will be considered to have a positive and brave heart. And if you are willing to undertake the construction of a world like that, you’re a visionary, an advanced, a pioneer. 

However, if you believe that this world would be a utopia, you should check your feelings. If you think the world would succumb for lack of “efficiency” or by his volubility, you should learn a little more about the human condition. If you think the world would be a mess of gigantic proportions, go to the nearest church and say a pray for someone to open the heart. 

Why there isn’t this world? Why we have not yet built it? That answer is for another article …


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