A better world and orange juice

One day, the teacher looked around and saw a boy of about twelve years old, he brought an orange in her hand. The teacher looked him in the eyes and asked him to give him the orange, to which the young agreed. The teacher said:

– If I squeeze this orange with all my strength,what come out of it?

The youth replied

– Juice, of course.

The teacher insisted

– You will have apple juice?

The young man looked astonished and shook his head.

– Grape juice? – Insisted the teacher.

– No! – Replied the boy, thinking he was taking for a fool, rather angry.

– So, what will?

– Orange juice, of course. – Replied the young man, exasperated.

– Why? Why orange juice?

– Because is an orange and orange juice is what’s inside. – Concluded the young.

Then the teacher told

– Suppose that there is not an orange, suppose is you. If someone assaults you, speak bad about you, bothers you, press you, and you comes anger, rage, hatred, poisoned, feared, is because that is what is inside you. What comes out of us when the world offends or attacks us? If you get hate, is because within you there is nothing but hate and pain.

No matter who attack us, you can be our parents, our boss, the government, even nature, a loved one. If when we are attacked or wronged react with another feeling that is not love, it is because we have allowed it to grow into. We can not react with hatred if we have not hatred inside. We can not react with violence, if we have not violence inside us previously.

Now, the choice is ours. We have the power and consciousness enough to replace our hatred, rage, anger, by love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness. Feelings that transform the world into a better place, not only for others but for ourselves. When we replace these harmful feelings by those other benign, we will have a better life and do a little better the lives of others.


One response to “A better world and orange juice

  1. very impressive. i recently read wattle’s book science of getting rich . it is changing my life of course i sometime relapse to my previous habit . i want to join the science of getting rich club. in Ethiopia there is no such group, even i doubt how many people read the book.

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