Another small miracle

Sometimes comes to mind that life is formed with moments that are little miracles each. Things often do not see or choose not to see, for its simplicity, but in reality things are far from common. At work it happens all the time. I will have another small miracle that happened days ago.

Throughout my life I have created several companies. Several disappeared, but  those I created after 2007, all survived and are in excellent health, ie generate money. In 2007 when I met Wattles, and the four companies that were founded under his inspiration. I have ever commented on the blog, and someone started with silly questions, then stopped commenting and talking about my business.

I mention this because last week I was called by one of the companies because there was a crisis. A product was not finished properly and we were losing a very important contract that could damage entire balance of the year and probably force us to cut staff. It was a serious crisis. The manager wanted to have a video conference with me urgently, perhaps to apologize, maybe for me to give a solution, which obviously I did not have.

They called me every way possible, but did not let me find. I felt I should do something before talking to them. I did not want to expose myself unnecessarily, but beyond that, I felt that my place was not with the people who were in the midst of the crisis, with desperation and lack of ideas that occur in these cases, but my place was elsewhere. But I did not know where. The client was to reclaim his order and we could not finish it.

So I locked myself in my room. I felt a great desire to meditate, to focus on myself. I started thinking about how we started the company, what we wanted to create, what we wanted to accomplish and dreams to where we had come. It was so vivid impression of feeling that was in those offices, and not in my room, which seemed to be living the desperation of the people who were there. After a few minutes I felt a certain peace, which was becoming more natural and logical, at least what I felt. When I finished, I opened my eyes and listened the phone again.

It was the manager to tell me that the customer had called and due to an internal matter, wanted postpone the product delivery. We will re-schedule payments and delivery and payment of the remainder. The small miracle had been taken place.

Clearly I did not went to meditate thinking of making a miracle. Clearly I did not do any miracle. Simply, instead of sinking into the general despair and start discussing possible impossible solutions, I chose to listen to my heart and do what he told me. In any case my only merit was a modest courage. The rest is Wattles and the purpose of solving the problem, but not solve it myself.

My conclusion is that if one is attentive to what happens inside during a crisis, and not get carried away by the general climate of worry and stress, you can see farther than what most people see. Of course it is not easy, but what would the whole world and the world would be a paradise. That “see farther” means nothing more than to feel that the universe is not against us. It’s just a matter of being attentive and listening (itself).


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