Another inner peace

Some time ago I have noticed a new behavior inside me. I mention this because maybe someone will happen the same, not necessarily because it is interesting. Readers tell if someone had the same experience.

For years I followed Wattles, which has given me the opportunity to enjoy many things that perhaps otherwise would never have come to have or live. After years, I have trouble concentrating and I notice when I’m clearly fixed in a vision and when not. The desire springs alone, and the purpose.

However, in recent times I have begun to notice that, when I’m sure to get something, I absolutely flooded inner peace. It is not necessarily happen  what I desire is just too important to me, maybe it can be something modest or even smaller. But the certainty of achieving generates peace that tells me everything is fine, that things have been going in the right direction.

It may be an indicator, as I said, everything is fine. Or perhaps it’s simply that having the vision fixed on something I want, otherwise it does not matter. is a consequence or a cause, do not know. But one thing I’m sure: it has to do with the clarity of thoughts. And another thing I am certain: when that peace appears, things happen inevitably.


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