The sense of what needs to be done

Sometimes we miss, but sometimes we see very clear. We never know when it will appear, or if they ever show that side towards we have to bow. I am referring to what to do. We could define it as a feeling that we have to move in one direction rather than another. It also tends to emerge as the conviction that we finally have a clear path to go to where we want and reject what we do not want.

Who speaks to us at the time? Perhaps some being? Or is the substance that tells us what we need? I do not know. Even perceive only in some very special moments, I should go to a certain place. In these times not appreciated the difficulty, even the conditions, but simply go there what guides us.

If we learn to hear, hear. if we learn to see, visualize the way. If we learn the point where that feeling appears, we listen and if we feel good, follow it. It’s an instant, so we must be alert, awake, in touch with ourselves and what we think lies beyond. We all have at one time.

Whatever it is, when we were talken, we have to listen respectfully. We can not ignore. We always choose. But we must always listen.


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