Respect for life

In all his books, Wallace Wattles states, at the beginning of each, a principle of life, to call it somehow. It is an idea easy to understand and easy to view, even there is no person who does not adhere to clearly and definitely that concept if you think about it for a moment. However, as discussed below, is an idea that is so far from our reality that is difficult accept it as part of the same reality. It happens that men have made nonsense of nature in all its aspects.

Why are we alive? Why is that plant alive? Why we are born? The life principle says that where there is life, inevitably tends to reproduce. Even under the most adverse conditions, life tends to make its way, to be born and grow. In this way, every step you take generates more life, more to cover all the space alive.

And life try to be full, trying to develop pointing to perfection, though not always successful. Just us, with our destructive and violent behaviors, are proof of that. Spoil the beauty generate and the ugly, harmful, ephemeral, with wrong illusion of progress.
In the middle of a nature of the universe, which expands and lavish life to the utmost, we find that our culture of the twentieth century has completely lost respect for life. And I’m not necessarily thinking of the great tragedies like the Iraq war or the Holocaust, who reached the peak of unnecessary cruelty and ambitious.

I’m thinking of concrete examples of daily life. For example, to take a specific case, that of traffic accidents. It is a simple example, without pretensions of being revealing, of course, and we can see each step in the daily newspaper.
Any person will seem a little silly to think there are people who, because they drank a little more, or because they are late for an appointment, you throw the right to reap the life of another person, or several, in case the same. As there may be people who behave in this way? Is it that no one thinks of the other as the other does not think of me? Or just have reached such a degree of alienation and savagery that allow anyone to take anyone’s life, his dreams, his future and think with the right to do?

Real accidents exist, no doubt. Sometimes things happen for something to go wrong, even among people who have taken every precaution to not happen. I think in the universe there is a free of chance and sometimes negatively affect us. But that is the inevitable, the randomness, the actual accident. The vast majority of cases are outright recklessness caused by the little value we place on life.

But life and its permanent, constant intention, is the beginning of everything. We consider it only one more thing, and we deal with people with the same sense we use to predate nature. I remember when my father wanted to take a bee that had come through the window, and instead of killing her, patiently take her outside. Given my complaint his answer was that we must protect life.

It would be very good for people to recover something that may never had: respect for life, reflecting the respect for the universe.

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