Another miracle

My life has always been accustomed to miracles. I have recounted several here in this blog. It has always been for me a constant that time to time things happen that I can not  explain by logic, by chance or by science. But I must say that from a while now, the frequency of miracles has increased.

No wonders are always great, but the last thing I told a few days ago can qualify well. But there are several small, said this without knowing if the term is appropriate. In any case, in almost all cases, these miracles are related Wattles’ teachings, as is always the thought a certain way and act a certain way.

I will relate the last, just happened to me yesterday. For better understanding, I have to do some comments before​​.

We all have something in mind that we think impossible. It’s something that we think will never happen, or at least a miracle should happen precisely to happen. Even the most ardent supporters and trained in the teachings of Wallace Wattles believe something, something that they would like to happen, it is virtually impossible to see it happen. It may be a fact, a business, a situation, knowing a certain person, visit a place inaccessible to one, receive sentimental proposal, commercial, labor, whatever. Always something to believe impossible, even if we think, as WW, that nothing is impossible.

I am no exception to that. This time, as before, I will not give specific details for the same reason as always. When details are given, people who read tend to confuse fact relevant (the miracle) with the accessory (the fact considered miraculous) and draw hasty conclusions or deceived by the everyday immediacy of the event or by the pedestrian that can be considered. In other cases, the concrete fact deceives itself, because some might judge common or likely.

The fact is that I wanted something to happen, a very important call for me because conditioned almost everything I wanted, but I knew it was extremely unlikely to happen. It was something I wanted for a long time happen to me. To this point was important to me, I can say that most of my future life would be conditioned by that fact.

In turn, I had to decide to do some things, and in somewhat capricious way I made them dependent if I had received this call or not. I had long postponed pending this appeal, but it never happened. I finally decided to do what I should have done long before, and I thought if this is good for me, going to happen, but I’ll do what I have to do regardless of what I want to happen or not.

I do not actually thougth, I felt a depth that could be called violent. Now I think that maybe it was not me, but someone told me with such intensity that I thought I thought of myself. A wish and a thought expressed from almost violence, from something similar to anger. There are inaccurate words, he was not angry, but very hard and force deep made ​​me say, loud and almost on impulse, “I will make my way, things will be accommodated if my way is good for me” .

What happened? The next day I received the call he had waited for years!

My legs buckled, grew dim my senses to hear that voice on the phone, to the point that I could not answer articulately, almost babbling. The rest is history. My life is changing once again thanks to the forces that are unleashed when we know how.


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