Our Mind, is our?

Vast majority of people never realize that our mind seems not to be our. His behaviour is hardly defined as the behaviour of our mind. When we are awake, this thing called mind is moving around, withour destiny, restless.

She (I will callit so) is moving and moving, without dependence of our desires. We look here and there, just seem interested in something, meanwhile our mind is in another part, unknown. Also when working in something, the mind, the thoughts, are jumping in another park, like a fool child.

Nobody can control his own mind. This is why I tend to think that our mind is controlled by other. Some entity that is not precisely interested in focusing, or with a sense of focus completely different that ours. Maybe in another dimension things could be different.

Just could be that inside our mind is inserted our spirit, a completely strange being that is not what we are, but what we were or we will be. I am convinced that we have one spirit that is a part of All, and guide us through this space and this time but with a look in another no-space and no-time. That spirit, that we call soul, is inmortal and very difficult  be know. Maybe he is joking with our thinking and sometimes he release it and let us take control, for few moments.

What do you think?


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