Peace and Wealth

Inner peace is essential, yet very few people care about her. We all seem to believe that wealth or the goals that we have raised in life (which is the same) remain dependent on external factors and not on what we do in ourself.

Much has been written on this blog about inner peace, that state so elusive and somewhat idealized. We have also written about the fear, another threat of inner peace. But the issue keeps coming back again and again, and along with a couple of other things, it becomes essential to achieve our goals.

In my case, I started a road several years ago in search of inner peace. And I can assure you it is extremely arduous and difficult. I have made some progress, but I seem tiny compared to what you need to get. At least I think. Or maybe I’m worse than I think or what I look like to others.

Remove inner tension that congestion feelings of uncertainty that oppress the soul at times, is very hard as loosening knots, with effort and perseverance. It is not a task to sit on the floor like a lotus and saying Ommm with open arms … It is hard work every day that we will encourage. This, as far as we receive results that we can measure, however small. Is confident about the future, because the future are we building ourselves. Is trust nature or the universe, because it will settle down to the extent that we are not afraid.

Working with oneself is difficult, because it is very easy to fall into the temptation of delude himself. But it is essential.

Yes I can assure that, to the extent that we make some progress on this issue, the spirit becomes more tolerant, more sensible, more focused the general context of things that revolve around us. And while things are achieved, goals that seemed impossible a while back, because was precisely this alleged impossibility created by the fear of the unknown, the future.

All the things I write here are those that happen to me, not necessarily that I have read, but what I’ve done with it read. It is purely personal. Other people may have very different experiences, and equally valid of course.
Sometimes I wonder if my modest success in banishing fear and peace does not mean that I’m nearing the end. If so, I’m even leaving afraid of “it”, which I will not name.


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