Wattles and Wealth (2)

What WW seems to say is that all life could only prosper and develop with a broad access to means and properties. OK, it seems to be true, in principle. It is impossible that you can elevate your spirit if, among other things, you cannot see Davinci’s Monalisa for example. For that, you have to travel to France and go to Louvre. And for that, you need money. A lot of money, by the way.

This is the moral basement of wealth, in all its forms. Its meaning serve as justification to fight to reach money and other things. But for that be true, you must have the power of control this process. If you have not that power, richness will change you, will make you think that you are the best, more intelligent, more brilliant that people who did not get that wealth. In such a case, wealth is not the way to spiritually prosper but the way to spiritually decay, to loose your soul.

Most rich people think that they are rich because they are smart, despite the means they used to get rich. At same time, they believe that poor people are lazy, or ignorant. Such fake self empowerment is the most secure guide to reach moral poverty and criminal behaviours.

WW was talking to smart people. He never thought that moral predators could read his book.

More soon…


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  1. i love sharing good ideas which helps in nearest future.

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