The sacred

Every human being has something sacred within. A small flame that is untouchable and very difficult to explain in words that always sound hollow That little holy light, and I say little because it seems imperceptible to the naked eye, is the difference between living conscious and death.

In or around that little sacred flame, are facts, memories or feelings that are sacred too, and that can not be shared. There live or stored, those things that we often marvel about people. Ever happened to us that, without realizing it, someone surprised us with an unexpected gesture? Maybe a little word or a look of encouragement?

That sacred fire must stay that way, sacred. You have to visit him in silence, very quiet, so we would not dodge or make us confused. You can not take it and share it, but just look at him in silence within us or within other, straining to find perception. You can not take it, because it goes away, escapes.


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