Working to live

People say they would rather work to live than live to work. It is common in recent times, especially since the work became more demanding, that all people must struggle to obtain results, and otherwise they are fired. It is the most common disease of modern business, and we must recognize that most ordinary people working for a company suffer that.

We all see with great suspicion and fierce criticism that cruel demanding results culture at all costs. Seems inhumane and we see every day many people killed in the race, including the deterioration of their families and their relationships by not being able to share this madness.

On the other hand we see there people who are content with a low-paying job, but stable and not demanding. Everywhere, not just in the work state, there are people who only hold their positions. They do their job reluctantly, with the excuse that they earn little, and what they do ends up being inefficient, poor and flight. Hardly anyone can feel accomplished putting a stamp on paper every half hour and watching the clock every five minutes.

We also reject these people, because we see them settling for little, letting time pass or wasting it directly. We find people without goals and, above all, without dreams.

But then, where are we? We do not like to work to death or kill those who do nothing.

I leave the question open for reviews. In another article we continue.


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