My irrefutable proof of the existence of God

I want to share an extremely personal experience, that happened to me a few days ago. However, I want to tell all, but only the important part. It is an experience that I’m sure will mark my life forever, so I want to keep the issues just for me, reserved.

It happened that, as many times before, that day I woke up with a crisis of faith in myself. Yes, as you read. I woke up nervous, uneasy. Wandered from one side to another without knowing what to do, was upset but did not know why. Nothing had happened yesterday that made me feel well, had no major concerns. I tried to sit down and write, but it was hard too. I decided to publish some writings I already had, I could not think. I felt that something was wrong. Suddenly I realized that if I did not do something, things would go wrong and I would feel even worse.

I took my notebook and decided to research the Gospel passage where Jesus ends by saying “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and give to God what is God’s.” It is the parable of the pence, and they call it. I was always intrigued by the moral, that does not seem to add up, and I have the habit during difficult times devote to things difficult. I copied this story from the Gospel and began to write. I finished the post, ready to be published, but my soul was still uneasy, like something very hard and very deep bothered me. I thought about going for a walk but I was lazy. I thought to write about something else, I checked my notebook, but nothing came. Suddenly I began to feel angry at all, things were not good, and fatally began to doubt myself.

Noon arrived, had lunch and rested for a while, unable to keep still. Again I sat at my desk to write, and finally exploded in anger and despair did not even know where he came from. Anxious to near tears, I asked Jesus a test, a sign, something to tell me what to believe in Him never did that, at least not with that anger. When I calmed down a bit, I started walking around the house, looking for something to distract me. The television bores me most of the time, so I thought I go outside, but it was very cold. I kept going around in my head my order of a signal, but I was forgetting, convinced that would never come.

And suddenly the signal came. I will not say in what form, and how. I can only say it was an unmistakable, tangible, you can touch and can not be due either causality or my intention. At first I did not notice, but after a few moments, I realized that it was Jesus who was saying “here’s the proof that I am.” I do not want to give details because that would confuse many and because it is not important. The important thing is that Jesus is listening, and if you ask with firm faith, will show you that is, the One.

To those who have the patience to read this, I apologize for not disclosing the details, maybe someday I will, but I beg you to believe me. What sense would invent this story, if not give further details. Please do not hesitate a minute, Jesus is beside us and hear our prayers.

Side note: For those who follow this blog, I want to say that the existence of God does not go against the teachings of Wallace Wattles. If you think a minute, you will see that it is. That issue will be the subject of another post, but I’d like to leave your thoughts in the comments.


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