Live to work

Continuing the subject of the previous post. We resent the striving and desperate to get a goal there and we might not bother wasting your time on vegetating in routine work. But that’s not all: the vast majority of us if not all we would be crazy if we could go to an island and someone assure us food and rest 24 hours a day. Possibly will be there no more than a week.

That explains why in recent years are over family holidays of three or four weeks and we prefer to take three vacations a year for a week each. Not bear to be without doing something, worried about something. Nervous about something.

The obvious conclusion is that we are not at peace with ourselves. Obviously not with the rest of the world, but that stems from our lack of inner peace. Why bother us workaholics and annoy us bums. We are uncomfortable with noise and daily stress, but more uncomfortable we spend a week watching the sky lying on the beach.

Now, how inner peace is achieved? Well, like all peace, is a process. It is not a state, is a slow and sometimes tedious process, which seems to go on forever. And in fact never ends, except when we sleep forever. This process can be accelerated if we have another inevitable ingredient of any peace process: dialogue. Dialogue with ourselves, on the one hand, and a subtle dialogue with our surroundings.

Let me explain. On one hand you have to talk to yourself, almost daily, to negotiate with yourself the things you enjoy, such as avoiding no’s, or at least as dodge, how to react to the unexpected, etc.. This dialogue, precious at times, appear to have a witness to God, silent, watching. This dialogue will teach us, if we are open to learning, the things we like least about ourselves. Perhaps at this point it is important to take note of all these things, but when we learn to watch alone and when not. Thus, we learn to govern our subconscious and after a while we can tell you how to enter a state of peace.

I’ve been talking to myself more than seven years, and I’ve made some significant progress.

But, as I said before, you need also a subtle, very soft, diligence negotiation with the environment. I mean family, friends, relatives, colleagues and even opponents, if any. This exchange of low profile should show our neighbors, those around us, how we like to live. How we accept your intromisio, in short installments, in small moments. How should leave us alone when things are not quite right, or we need your help, your support at this time.

Must be a dialogue on “softly”, very soft. It should be noted that we do, we must accept it as it is, should not be an imposition loudly but quietly.

In this way we hope to achieve peace. Once there, the world only accommodate around us, and nothing will seem inconvenient, absurdly dissonant. Learn to understand who is crazy about his work and who loafs before us. Of course we see injustice and react to it. But not from anger and unconformity, not from the position that if he does not think like me is lost and will burn in hell. But from the hand of one who knows that some things are not right and should be changed. From the side of the absolute understanding that things are in a way that allows to change them, improve them and, if not, our life would be meaningless. That peace process is long, so the sooner you start, the better.

Thats all.


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