God and the substance of Wattles

Many people who come to read the book The Science of Getting Rich and practice their tips come here disillusioned with God. They come to the book after a journey that perhaps has led them by the doctrines of the new age, the secret, and even even a quick visit to India or Buddhism, not to mention more conspiracy theories.

They are attracted by the apparent, only apparent, Wattles atheism, its concept with an air of scientism and, above all, the book short and simple. Now I am sorry to disappoint. Wattles believed in God.

On first reading, it appears that the substance that inhabits everything and anything can replace the Christian God omniscient and omnipresent. And you are carried away by the image of a god who does not think, does not judge, not indoctrinated, but simply obey. There is nothing better than having God’s hand and to do what we want.

But a deeper and more detailed reading shows that the substance is not God, and that God exists, for Wattles, over substance. Sounds complicated? It is. And that ends perhaps alienating many people who approached LCDHR by its simplicity. But unfortunately we can not change things. In any case Wattles tells us that the world is simple. Substance may exist from the beginning of the universe, might not, probably simply has evolved to become an important ally of man, or it might be just the set of minds that are increasingly creating this universe. But there is, I have no doubt.

Since I have no doubt that, above it, is God, a God different but very similar to the Christian god. Ill probably have it described. Maybe just because there is a substance that our god is rarely or never obeys our requests. We have been led to believe in a God who is near, who walks beside us, and this may not be as well.

The Almighty God by engaging us to pay the utility bills to make ends meet … does not seem real now. What do you think?


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