Four rules to success

Watching the recent comments coming appearing, most focus on two issues very clear: independence and self programming. It’s simple, it’s what most want.

When people feel they are frustrated, this is due mainly to the lack of independence. I have a business and it feels good. I have a job that stifles me and not let me be myself. I desire independence as water, but that independence works, I can live with what I like, and not have to distress me because my income is less than my expenses. This independence is self unattainable for most people.
With the Auto’s something very similar. All who have read the book know that Wattles great programmed revolves around himself as a successful person. The result will bring the cause. But such programming itself is unattainable for most ordinary people. It is very difficult to avoid betraying himself with thoughts of failure, which is most certainly happen. Thus, the result will bring back the cause but the downside. Whatever we do, think like we think, if we suspect deep (only that) we can go wrong, will go wrong surely.

The solution is, to me in my life everyday practice in:
1. – Know what you want. Knowing the level of internally but be absolutely convinced that this is what I want. You can not doubt or be blurry.
2. – Do what have to do today in the best way possible, bordering on excellence, but today I do not have anything to do with what I want.
3. – Have absolute faith that the road will open, in the least thought maybe, but they will open. This requires being attentive to the smallest details and try to take advantage of all the signals, although they are not exactly in the direction you want to last. In the middle of the road will open more opportunities.
4. – Enjoy, because you’ve come.

Repeat the cycle over and over, without haste, without anxiety, cold mind of knowing that knows.
Try and tell me.


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