Act in the right way

Today I just want to stop thinking about something I’ve tried over and over again in my life, and that for me has become a certainty. When I started reading Wallace Wattles I must admit that I had such confidence in this aspect, and rather suspect that efficiency in the act could bring wonders. I must admit that the same thing happened with what Wattles says about morals, but that’s another story for another post.

Acting efficiently, ie do the best we can do, still above what we are used to in the event that we do well, will guarantee a detail that Mr. WW does not show. When we act efficiently, saving energy to the universe, we move things where things probably should be. That is, rather than repeat what we do, we could put it like that “pleases the substance.”

That resource economy, it might seem science fiction, it is real and palpable. For some reason bothers us and makes us nervous having to do the same thing twice. And this is because we are just unbalancing the wonderful frame where all things are reflected, perhaps at infinity. Nothing that is done wrong, or not done at all well, can lead to anything good.

We could go further and think that this application to do our work or our activities, whatever, is a duty to the wonderful substance that surrounds us, and the same degree of our actions, which we will come. If we do not do things quite right about what we can do, why would someone want the benefits but rather degraded and unfinished?

The obvious question that follows is that, concerning the virtues and skills, each of us are different, and that prevent us from acting at all with the same level of efficiency. In that aspect, the infinite wisdom of the universe will know the skills and compensate for the effort made.

I did not believe it until I decided to try it. Only remember how many times I did things without the least effective, with no respect for what I was doing, and the changes that occurred after I changed my approach, after meeting Wattles, and did not need evidence.

From that moment, I confirm it each passing day. And it feels good.


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