Peter’s story: A case of success

I will tell the story of Peter, a man I know. We are not friends, but I know him through some mutual friends. He is a person of about forty, very responsible in their work, married with two children. He knew the book and science of Wattles some time ago, and decided to implement it. I think he was more animated by spirit of proving that the belief that he would succeed. For months, as we said after a meeting of friends, read the book and studied every idea, every message. So he thought it was time to apply.
There he encountered a problem. Do not know what he wanted. I knew he wanted to have some deep economic success, but had no particular idea about how to get through that activity, and it seemed very abstract thinking only about the money.
Peter worked for a trading company. He had a medium position, but pretty well paid, but never had more than enough money. He was comfortable with his work, so change was not an option for him. He could have wished to ascend in their work, but did not think. He only knew wanted economic independence and to do what he liked. He chose those two things and ran.
The day after that his thoughts were focused this way, was called to the boss’s office. There would be a restructuring of the company and decided to leave it out. They appreciated the services but it was inevitable. He went home wrapped in a tangle of questions and confused, not knowing what to do. However, he was not nervous, just confused, say now. He now believes that the ideas of Wattles gave the peace to pass the wrong time and be able to think more clearly.
Analyzing the situation with his wife, decided that it should interpret the event of becoming unemployed as a sign that someone gave him. If requested financial security and given the opportunity to go it alone. He decided to start his own company. Fabricate ornate lamps he had seen in a fair and sold cheap. He set to work with all his energy, his mind clear on success, and all his knowledge and responsibility.
The company did not work. For some reason the few lamps that could sell had dropped in price, and the recession made it very difficult get each sale. He changed his business, and sold similar lamps manufactured in another city. Put his energy into motion again and lunged with all his ability to do so. Wrong.
Pedro was not discouraged. He continued doing things the better his ability gave him, putting all his energy into every sale, every potential customer, every business. At times it seemed that the future was closed, that he ran out of options. However, he continued with his good character convinced that one day he would succeed.
Around that time I met him. He knew I knew Wattles and we talked a long time. To hear him talk about The Science of Getting Rich gave pleasure, because it seemed that the person speaking was a successful person, full of riches and money. However, their savings were running out and he had, as confessed, no plan in sight to get ahead. I was impressed by his powerful faith that would make it.
A few months later I found it again. He told me his life was definitely on track and his businesses prosper. It had been the result of casualties, as some people call who do not understand the facts. He had found an old friend who had introduced him to the business of the fans, and his company was finally taking off, made money, was independent and his family was happy to see him being a successful person.
I’m sure there are thousands people like Peter out here. And who knows any of these thousands or even heard of Wattles, although after The Secret this is quite difficult. It would have been just before that movie / book. No need to know Wattles to have a way like Peter. But we need to follow their principles, although have never read the book.
Faith, security, clear vision and smart work and constant, give more than what you get and be thankful, are the ingredients that, appropriately combined, make every day a lot like Peter worldwide leave their paralysis and transformed into living people, free, successful and do what they like.
Personally I think what brought Peter to thrive as wanted was his enormous patience, not to despair, to stand firm in his convictions, with the confidence that success would come. And be aware of opportunities. The remaining ingredients are in Wattles, as I said above, but you have to apply wisdom and patience to give them the opportunity to act.

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