Wattles and Meditation (1)

For those who are constantly looking for new ways to apply the science of Wattles, published here a few comments from our experience. Trying something new can sometimes be frustrating, but that does not happen Wattles: new is always better.

For some time, rather since early this year 2011, I experimented with meditation. Nothing too complex or unusual, just simple exercises, much like those proposed by the Silva Method. Uncomplicated, complicated exercises, even too long. Just 10 or 15 minutes per session, at a common site, and no body positions out of the ordinary.

At first, the experiences were dissimilar. I must say that I had never practiced meditation, and so it took me some time and effort to reach significant levels of concentration, inner peace, and real solitude. As I said at the beginning there were days when everything seemed to flow, and days when it seemed impossible to achieve a connection with yourself.

However, as I always do in these cases, double your bet and decided that dominate this technique. And meditation was better, reaching higher levels of concentration and got some shorthand techniques to make it faster and deeper.

The result: everything I focused on Wattles, and then used within the state of meditation, became a reality much faster and much more fluid. Things seemed to pass more slowly, less forcefully yet what happened using the techniques of Wattles.

In a next post, return to the subject, but from a deeper perspective of what this means. I just want to add now that, for all who want to use Wattles Science to achieve their desires, learn to meditate and everything will be simpler, easier and even more pleasure.

We see in chapter (2)

2 responses to “Wattles and Meditation (1)

  1. thank you for continuing to post. I’ve found your blog the best site for information & thought on the writing of WW. and as for comments on your writing of English, so what, ignore them. you write better English than I write your language ( zero ). & you are providing the world a service of value. looking forward to reading more.

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