Am I a millonaire?

It is a question many of you will do, and rightly, as it would be a logical consequence of having mastered and applied the teachings of Wallace Wattles. And the answer is simple: I am not a millionaire. While I have an excellent work, which as I explained in several posts I got through Wattles, very well paid, comfortable and totally happy I’m not a millionaire. In reality, the answer would be more correct if I said I am not yet.

Per the issue is more complex still, because in reality, I still can not answer the question we must all ask ourselves as we embark on this journey. I really want to be a millionaire? As we have also repeatedly said, is a question that has a fast response and real response, which do not always coincide.

Most of you would say, too fast, yes I want to be a millionaire. But when someone begins to detail the difficulties faced by a millionaire living in some poor countries, the answer would begin to doubt. The quotations appear, well, but without the problem of security, kidnapping, able to move or to go unnoticed “etc. etc. So if the answer is “yes” becomes “yes, but …” And is not the same. Since the decision, the faith and purpose Wattles asks us are not so clear. And so are the results, obviously.

You see, the issue is complex. Venture to be a millionaire is not a simple issue and more than one you can not only raise doubts, but rather to be afraid, inclusive. Many might even think that this is an excuse, but if you look closely you will find that it’s not that simple.

I have a close example. I know a couple who has had much luck in his life (maybe Wattles?) And, coming from poor families, made a lot of money. The first problem they had was to flee the city to a suburb surrounded by guards. Regularly stopped seeing his friends, because the distances were great. In addition, they discovered they knew few people in her situation of so much money, so they had to make new friends, but close.Then the children were placed in a super exclusive school, which not even the parents could visit often. Well, do not relate the other complications like that, just say it’s not easy being a millionaire.

However, since I read Wattles for the first time, I realized that if this science was used to being rich, could also serve to make my life the way I wanted. And so I applied.

I told in repeated posts, and I will do it again later, as things were changing in my life from Wattles. In my work, my relationships, my lifestyle, everything began to accommodate my wishes. More than money, who also came to a large extent, however the most notable were the changes that were accommodating to everything I wanted.

The most important of these is control. Knowing that your life is under control, under your control. You can do what you want using the method of Wattles, you can meet whoever you want, your work will take the shape you want on the site you want. Those places you want to know you are approaching a miracle. That people who do not want to be around, move away quickly.

And that money suddenly appears. Control and money is the perfect formula, but between both I prefer the control. To see the experiences of readers.

5 responses to “Am I a millonaire?

  1. I like what you say.
    [p]I am so irritated by how you say it that I rarely finish reading the post.
    [p]For instance …
    [p]told in repeated posts, \\ “As I have shared in previous posts.” The word “repeated” in that context implies both lecturing, as a child or a willfully slow learner, and it implies futility. “Told” emphasizes a difference between speaker and listener; you know something and we don’t. “Shared” reduces a difference; you know something and you want us to know it, too.
    and I will do it again later, \\ “I will do it again” resonates with helplessness. Drug addicts say, “I will do it again.” The killer in a movie says, “I will do it again.”
    as things were changing in my life from Wattles. \\ “due to,” not “from.” “From” means “diverging away,” as in, “Our airplane’s course was changing from due north.”
    More than money, who also came to a large extent, \\ “which,” not “who.” “Who” is only for people. “came in large extent” is passive voice.

  2. Beyond the typos and other corrections, I think the post gives hope to those who are tyring to have more control in their life and intempt to create better conditions for themselves and their families. I have to say that I just red Wattles’ book a couple days ago and I was surprised. I think his theory makes total sense to me. What I probably liked the most was the idea of being rich as the only way we have to help other people to have a better life. This idea tottally got my attention. I always thought that being competitive was the only possible way to achieve things in life. I was considered by others like a very competitive person in all my past jobs and even back in high school. Unfortunaly, that behavoir allowed me to make no many good friends and gave me the chance of getting no many things.

    After reading Wattles’, I found a new approach and I was able to get rid off a heavy weight . I do not have to be competitive any more! Life is not a competition! You don’t have to fight for your food, your well fare, your clothes, your house, your money, your job, because you already got all those things. It’s just a matter of get ready to receive them and enjoy them! Isn’t amazing? From my point of view, hell yeah it is!

    Everybody is capable to get rich while making new friends and helping other people to do so. I’m gonna give people more than what I receive from them. I think this is most amazing idea I ever heard and I’m willing to give it a chance!

    I just want to finish thanking for the opportunity and sending a message to everyone that a better life is very possible. I am determined to help others, therefore I’m gonna get rich!

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