how you can predict the future

Much has been said about the problems that have revealed the men since there is written record of your thoughts. The life and death, the existence of God, the limits of the universe are perhaps the most recurrent. But definitely more ink has been consumed and thoughts is the future in all its forms.

Guessing the future or the existence of the future as this that we get are two aspects that have always worried the human race. The future and prior knowledge are always in the minds of mankind as something that would make them miraculous, immensely rich and powerful. Obviously, anyone who can guess the future would have enormous power over others, even though he could not guess himself. Others would have in their hands and could generate an infinite fortune with it.

Then there is the issue of security. If something makes us weak or hesitant, is the absolute lack of knowledge about things to come. There are all equal, the rich and the poor, the powerful and the subject. Nobody knows if tomorrow we will wake up. And how. Then guess the future would be an element that would give us full of confidence about ourselves, and others.

But the bad news is that it is impossible to guess what will happen. The shamans or witches or wizards simply can not. Why the future is not built, is a place that does not exist. However, personally, sometimes seem to have succeeded, at least that’s my experience.

And how they do it? Simply read our minds, are the projections that we issued to the substance and desires, and assume that we will prevail. So it was so one day I went to see one of these people. In those days I was out of work, and had a chance to enter a large company, which missed and asked for day and night. Seeing me, she just said, to the astonishment of those present, “going to get into this business.”Everyone murmured in amazement, as he was a true and absolute prediction. Finally I succeeded.

The lady had not only watch the projected images that my mind transmit every day, with strength and uncontrollable desire. And seeing the strength of my conviction, did not hesitate to “guess” that I would succeed. Do not guess the future, but I built it.


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