The Substance

The amorphous and intelligent substance covers everything, fills all the interstices of the universe because it is before this, is its origin and its permanent destination. The Creation, whether you believe in Genesis or the Big Bang, is the product of a thought soaked in the substance. God, or whatever you call it, created the universe printing a thinking substance. In this way gave us, for us and who knows how many species, the possibility to continue doing so.There is perhaps a more beautiful than this to represent the creation of all things?

And the process continues. Each one of us who want, dream and think like a child permanently into the substance creates millions of things many of which never materialized, either because of lack of faith or lack of constancy, which is almost the same.

And then make sense of ancestral characteristics of the establishment of any religion of which survive in the world. Is not that the reason for the phrase “made in His image and likeness.” We live by what he did, but most of the time without realizing it.

“Let there be light” is a perfect example of something imagined and shaped on the basis of thought. The very phrase indicates that the command is given AFTER imagined what it was light.


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