You must be rich?

I was thinking about what a visitor of this blog wrote some days ago, who pointed out that in fact the true wealth was in the feelings, on the good things inthe relationship of people and not in money. He said more or less literally that …. I think the greatest wealth a person can achieve in his life is empathy, trust, love, friendship, patience, understanding, all that is the true human wealth. However much money will not make you happier, instead, can yes to be the most unhappy man on earth…..

A lot of others blog visitors replied, very sparingly, to what would happen if a family member need emergency surgery costing $ 40,000 and not have them … Needless to say, the violence of the situation, and since they are real things that happen every day, no need to exaggerate the point. We have all seen cases like that.

Of course, pretty words are very poetic and very pleasant to listen, but faced with the reality of our world today, it is impossible not to see the need for money, to dispose of property. Anyone can get in the place of people who are not served with the technology that would be needed to save their lives, simply for lack of money or property to be transformed into money.

It is at that point where all the romanticism disappear and one is desperate, even regret of his luck and god, facing the impossibility and frustration that this generates.

Therefore it is necessary to be rich, have lots of money, that money is not just a problem in our lives. If we have enough and more than enough, then the poem may actually be a poem, dreams may be dreams, and nothing will be stained the color of need. There actually may be true the words of this person’s greatest wealth are the feelings. When you have the money resolved, obviously.


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