For the newcomers to Science of Getting Rich

This blog is online since three years ago, but always there are new people that arrives and sometimes they cannot figure what is going on here. Let explain.

This blog is built around the book The Science of Getting Rich, written in 1910 by Wallace D Wattles, an american writer. You can see, if you download the book from the site, that this is a rare book. First of all, is a book you can read in one night, not only for this size only 50 pages, but for the way it is written. The style is very colloquial and lightweight. But not the content…

Another issue that makes this book a rare one is that it will change your life. Am serious. You can check it. Nobody reads this book and follow living as before. Some people can change hard their lives, other can appreciate like a lot of radical news ideas, but all people leave the book, once read, with a soul completely different than before.

Most of the Wallace Wattles ideas are revolutionary. So, this blog is intended for discussed them, opinions, experiences, and so on. For the last three years we recopiled a lot of testimonies about the SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH.

A note: you may hear about Wattles in the film/book/course named The Secret. But, PLEASE, dont let them  confused you, Wallace Wattles has nothing to do with the secret. Dont be scammed.

5 responses to “For the newcomers to Science of Getting Rich

  1. Adho tshinguvu

    Why do i download the book but i can’t open it

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  4. The Science of Getting Rich woke me up again, unlike anything else I read. I would get ahead and make lots of money, only to disregard my cash flow every 10 years or so and face a financial disaster. Negativity would creep up on me.
    Lesson learned. You have to remain disciplined and pace yourself according to a set schedule. Don’t dwell on failures or setbacks. Walk around them and keep on trucking forward. It only takes a few failures in a row to derail your forward movement.

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