Three secrets to be happy with your work.

We all have a job but not all of this work makes us happy. Many times there are problems.Sometimes they are caused by the same job and sometimes by our colleagues or bosses or dependents. Many times these problems make people desperately seeking to change jobs. But there are ways to be happy with the work that you have now without waiting for the dream job that will achieve tomorrow.

After a deep meditation and analyzing my own and others experience, I found the three keys, the three secrets that allow a person to be happy with their work although not the ideal job.


If we dont make the work with joy, albeit a job that we dislike, the workplace will become a hell.Getting up in the morning each day will be a mammoth task, thinking about what lies ahead.But with the joy all the problems pass into the background.

I know it’s difficult to work with joy when we do not like or when we have many problems. But not impossible. If you look around and see who has a job, which has a way to go and cross it with good humor will make it easier, then the joy appears in your spirit. We must not get carried away by sadness.

Give more than what you get

One of the secrets to making work pleasant is that we should give more than we receive on the job. If we work just to have money to live, we must return other intangible goods or services in return for the money we get, beyond doing our job as perfect as possible.

The reason for this is a physical reason. If we give more than they pay us to give, the universe is enhanced, contributing to the richness of everything that surrounds us. Thus improve the species and improve our environment. Surely this improvement will be paid by the nature in our favor.

Knowing that there will be difficulties

We all know that our work will always have difficulties. Yet the difficulties surprise us, we feel bad, we get sad or depressed when they occur. But we all know that sooner or later always going to happen. So why do we feel bad and get angry with our luck when it happens?

In the 21st century jobs that are occupied by people are those that require the ability of humans to solve problems and unexpected surprises. All other jobs are or will soon be occupied by machines. Therefore, it is a blessing that the difficulties occur which is why we work, that simple.

However, we react badly to them, we get angry, we get stressed and feel more miserable people in the world, when we should be glad that that happens. And it is not an idealization. It is the reality.

Therefore, if problems occur, defects and other problems, we know that’s going to be and that’s what we are, and there occupy the place that really belongs to us.

In short, these three things are what make us happy in our work, which seem more routine. Give joy, give more than what we pay for giving, and to address challenges with joy, tranquility and creative genius. Let’s apply these tips and go to work every day with a smile. The world will be better for us and all around us.


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