Living without fear

There are famous posts on this blog devoted to the topic of fear. They have been widely read and discussed. And of course the fear is famous too, has a lot of press. We are the only creature in nature that is afraid aware, the animals feel but is masked in the survival instinct. We feel fear about many more things that cannot kill us than those that could destroy our life.

Wattles does not say much, does not dwell on fear, but I discovered that his book is clearly written by someone who was immune to the fear of our every day life. Fear of not having a job, fear of emotional closeness, fear of disease, fear of physical pain, fear of not knowing how to do the things we do, fear but to do things that no one recognizes it, afraid to go unnoticed, fear of being the center of the meeting, fear a. ..

I would like to survey readers about the most common fears. Perhaps in the future put one of those automated systems that allow online surveys. But for now I just leave the question to see if someone picks up the gauntlet and answer: What do you think are the most common fears in a person? We hope the answers with genuine curiosity.


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