The Wattles Science is also a way of life

When you read the Wattles book several times The Science of Getting Rich, you find that there are two basic components: one is the one that teaches us how to take advantage of the laws of science in our own interest, to achieve the things yo uwant. And the other is a way of life because when you learn to handle the laws of science for your own benefit, adopts a way of life and outlook on life much higher than most people. Try to explain what I mean.

The vision that most of us have about the book The Science of Getting Rich, when you take it for the first time is the magic recipe to achieve monetary wealth. And that is what it is, really. The fact that we fail to achieve most time, is because of our faults and imperfections and errors in the recipe.

When one finishes reading the book, begins to put into practice almost desperately, expecting to see concrete benefits instantly, which is sometimes delayed by several factors. But once you begin to have some results, you realizes that what you have accomplished much more than material wealth. One has achieved a higher life form, more under the actual control of each one, more valued, I mean more worth.

The Wattles’s book succeeds in us is that we take real control of our lives, that we have as we want to live and not merely follow a recipe anymore. Total control is what matters, and if that is what you do, the wealth will seem like an ornament, compared to everything else you can get.


One response to “The Wattles Science is also a way of life

  1. jan vanbosterhaut

    How is it possible that Wallace who claims having all that wisdom and Godgiven power, did not live a very long life?

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