The secret of Wattles is go out of focus

At first glance it seems that the method of science Wattles is based on visualization, desire, faith and purpose. We will now take a slightly different version, different angle.

The real value is to not spend all his time focused on the vision. Wattles does not explain much, but yet he says in a couple of places: the secret of the method is to make our spirit permanently contained and active vision, the desire that compels, without having our attention focused on it all the time. It is very difficult.

Wallace Wattles idea is that our desires should remain tightly bound and active in our soul, but our head is all the time visualizing what you want. Even I have experienced it several times: when I get so much desire cease to be a central part of my brain, readily apparent to me, made, executed, materialized. It’s like a miracle and every time I forget frustrates me, because I know.

When you’re a newcomer in this technique, spends all day focusing on your vision before your eyes, looking for ways to make it more real, believing that touch or taste. But it is only when the mind can get out of that corset and travel freely, but leaving the root in our souls desire, when things materialize.

I would dare to suggest to the students of Wattles, especially the starters, to take heed of my advice.

Even I think that out of focus technique must be mastered, or should require much control over visualization and display technique posed by Wattles. I think that both are complementary and must dominate both at the same time and with the same degree of mastery. I’m on that path, and so far I can say that things have materialized before me are those in which I managed, “DeFocus”.

Wattles’s book emphasizes both a vision of what you want, that one gets confused and believes that the more time you spend looking at your inner vision, achieve faster than a reality. And something also tells WW in his book. But that vision and passion for continuous monitoring  manages to put anxiety in the visualized object. And this anxiety directly conspire against achieving it. Anxiety is what we feel when we do not believe in it. And that is what must go.

The secret is wanting something in so deep, so thoughtful, that is incorporated into our mind without having to be seeing it constantly. Only the universe knows when you want something deeply. So this is a matter of trial and error. I’ve checked several times, and after several experiences one can really feel you’re doing well and when it does wrong.

It is a matter of experimentation for each, and each must find their own way of viewing that allows out of focus, and their own way out of focus while viewing.

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