Why sometimes the science does not work?

Often we desbelieve about The Science To Getting Rich from Wallace Wattles because we arrived erroneously to the conclusion that it does not work. And before telling you my experiences, I want to clarify this well as I understand it so that there were not desertions that would not have to be.

Science works, evidently, but there are moments that we do not know how making it really work. And those moments are many more, unfortunately, than those in wich we obtained make it.

In the first place Science works without effort. That is to say, it is not required to be constantly thinking about it, nor tasks of concentration or meditation to cause that we obtain what we wished. Everything is very smooth and relaxed, to such point that sometimes we ended up thinking that it was not the science of Wattles that obtained this or that to us so that we did not deliver any effort. We think that it was the chance or the destiny, or that were predestined to that it happened to us. That is to say, instead of  look for its natural causes, that are explained in Science, we invented improbable causes to demonstrate to us that the things happen to us. This last one is so valid for the good things as for those bad ones.

Second, this works of natural way, like all science that boasts. That is to say, nobody delivers an effort to throw an apple downwards, it falls “naturally”. With the same naturalness the effects of the science of Wallace Wattles happen. But we have not preparations, as I said before, for this naturalness. We think that we must make complexes exercises of concentration in those things that we wished so it brings to us with our power mind. We strived in finding out how we must determine our mind, and there commit the error that frustrates to us and it makes us desbelieve.

Throughout my experience, I have reached the conclusion that this is the part most difficult to explain. I have tried in several posts in this site, inclusively having used figures perhaps strange to be able to show what is what we do badly habitually. Now I will try another one.

We imagine that about the world of every day, our work or our activities, we thought with the mind, with the head. I say we imagine although it is certainly we thought with the mind and not with the elbow or the legs, and that most probable are than the mind is in the head, but what I mean is that for the science of Wattles we think with the heart. I am not saying to appeal to the feelings, but to think with means of the chest, yet our being, with the heart like visceral part of our being. The thoughts concentrates in the head are ephemeral, volatile, and easily very weak. Why it is an enormous effort to concentrate ten minutes in a thing. They are light thoughts. But the thoughts of the chest are permanent, are desires mixed with feelings to which the mind puts a little understanding to them.

Like when we see a person whom dislikes to us deeply, we felt in the chest, plexo and all our body an annoyance, an inconvenience. That is real. And to that the mind interprets soon it, but first it feels. To that it is what Wattles talks about with thinking of certain way and to act in certain way. It is to that and not to imagine with the head  imaginations that never will have weight to become in fact.

Give me the benefit of doubt and test it. They will see that there the Science of Wattles works, and works well fast.

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5 responses to “Why sometimes the science does not work?

  1. universe nature quality
    science is our create matter
    science work or not work creating only brain
    but not creating time?
    when brain correctly understanding problem that time correct working science.

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