We live in a ‘thought’ Universe

There are few phrases more revealing and beautiful have been written to explain how the laws of the universe works. Of course Wattles insists repeatedly that he does not explain why but how. Even so, how, reported in this way, is very similar to what. Because is in the thought that the How is the What.A Universe thought. It’s a beautiful idea that leads to my mind an image of thinking that can generate all or parts of the universe. The beauty of the planets, the unthinkable phenomena that occur on their soil, the amount of different suns that bombard the (almost) infinite space. And no wonder who generates this thought. It matters? I don’t genuinely think so. Someone has thought so. Someone or perhaps many, over time, have created such a thought.

It is not an interesting idea to apply it to god? It is not wonderful a god who created the universe from his thinking? On the other hand, should have used a tool rather than their own thinking to take everything form being the absolute power? Perhaps we do not share all or parts of that absolute power?

And if the big bang is true, and is nothing more than a thought towards exploiting a multitude of stars and suns that the same thinking goes shaping them as they passed the first few seconds or minutes of life in the universe to expand at the speed of light? Moreover, continuous doing every day?

We live in a universe thought. And every day and positively thinking over time, we create the reality that shape our thoughts. And in our small scale, mold our little life with the model that mark our minds, daughter of the father, made in his image and likeness.

7 responses to “We live in a ‘thought’ Universe

  1. Spiritually, we cross the verge of thought and enter the thoughtlessness. That is the realm of the absolute.
    Great sages had simpler thoughts-not as complex as we are programmed to think and brush it again and again.

  2. Seamus McMann

    Thats a good “thought” for the day, though in order to truly reach the masses and gain more responses, you may want to correct your grammar in the above related article. The message is powerful, it’s the delivery thats somewhat poor. Perhaps give it to somebody else to rewrite after you have translated it next time.

    Now, getting down to business. the above article is interesting on many levels. I have a arrived at the same conclusion myself, many years ago, through no stimulation or reading of like material. As I have aged, I keep finding that other authors and people have described the same things that I have been thinking as well. This is a good thing because it means logic and self explanation are not dead among the thinkers of our society. The focus came from a desire to explain everything with what you already know or don’t know as the case may be. If you take away everything, even nothing (because nothing is still something and our concept of nothing is not quite right I believe), what are you left with? Before the planets, before god, what was there? There can only be one answer, and that is a thought. No it didn’t come from God. It just was. It didn’t come from anything. It just was. God came from the thought. Not the other way around. Energy in this world or universe is interchangeable on many levels. For example when you die, your energy is transferred into a different form. Your life came from energy and returns to it. I don’t know this from experience, because I am not dead yet. But I know it to be true. To explain the results you need only look around you. And open your eyes.

  3. wow interesting article.. i really liked your words.

    keep up the awesome work

  4. God came from the thought, what does it mean? for the existence of thought there must be a thinker and that thinker is Energy and this energy has infinite thinking ability and it creates this infinite universe by it’s imagination now we are calling this super natural power (Energy) God.

  5. universe total grean air relised world.
    some technology effected to grean air .
    i give permission grean company , grean factory , grean technology,.
    all grean element i will give 100 year people life .
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  6. gugulothkishannaik

    universe is natural quality you prove any type of knowledge is opposite to universe yes this 100% correct?

  7. gugulothkishannaik

    every creating matter is opposite to universe yes i prove diffineatly?

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