What you see when you face problems?

In my work every day my specialty is solving problems. My job is having a limited budget, impossible deadlines and demands of every kind, solving problems that appear to come to fruition in a timely manner. And there are problems every day, and many.

At first, by inexperience, I despair, my heart beating became mad, and my hands sweat. Until I met Wallace Wattles. That was a soothing balm huge and that made me see things differently.

Now when I meet a problem that seemed insoluble, my first reaction is to look inward, toward my deep soul. Reassuring, and still bring calm. The soul controls the brain, and if your soul or your spirit are nervous or desperate, your brain will not work properly either. Ideas will not come and solutions does not appear.

Once this is done, my soul quiet, perhaps thinking of a reassuring landscape, or in a future where this problem is finally solved, the brain begins to seek solutions resting on that tranquility. Everything matches. Everything becomes clear.

There, at that time, begin to appear magically solutions. And perhaps more than one at a time.

This whole process, day after day, generates an adrenaline in your body that makes you feel pleasure. Especially if you see that the solution adopted were the best, the brightest. And that leads you to a physical pleasure, palpable, clear and clean.

One response to “What you see when you face problems?

  1. i like great idea and wonderful thought who in acted in my body he?

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