The surprising truth of the action

I read a small article Dr. Robert Anthony on the truths and myths surrounding what we know as action. For action he implies the work, physical or mental activity that we develop when we earn money or get a fine. And, what says Dr. Anthony is simply amazing. Let me clarify that this doctor is an expert in the philosophy surrounding Wallace wattle and his work.The idea that introduced the article is simple, but not less amazing. Its based in thinking that we must act, work, move, but only when we are really prepared. Will try to translate as best as possible the idea of Dr. Anthony.

All of us work guided by the idea that if no effort, nothing is achieved. Since we have put this small idea into our head and our whole culture revolves around it. Without effort, without working hard, without immolation at the altar of work nothing will be achieved. That is the message. However all we have seen here and there people who seem to get everything they intend effortless, and although not many, surely we all know some. And everyone, absolutely everyone we know many people who kill their entire working lives, they are slaughtered them and their families, and yet remain in poverty, rising hardships, not even achieve the minimum that would make happy.

Why this happens? Because work without being prepared, is moving backwards. And what means be prepared? It is to be on the vibration that attracts the best things we want. The entire universe vibrates, because all lives. And our vibrations attract other similar vibrations. Our thought vibrates, and thus attract the things we want when we’re ready.

But if we work under pressure, forcing the stones to sting until we bleed hands, which we attract is more pain, more punishment. Our vibration will be negative, it will be towards the pain and sacrifice, and that will come toward us faster than we imagine. In return, we should focus on the idea of what we want, but before you make the effort.

The secret for that is given by the same author. Before acting, thinking about what we want for our future. If in doing so we feel heaviness or anxiety, is not the time to act. If when we think about future feel the rush and anxiety for their achievement, wait. If, however, when thinking about the things we want to achieve we feel peace and calm and we know that is already on its way towards us, it’s time to act, working to implement our best effort into what we do. We know that the result will be what we want and that we only have to pave the way for reaching things that crave.

Things will not arrive by our mental or physical effort alone, nothing will do against the power of the universe. They arrive at the time that our energy is ready, vibrating with what so desired, that our effort is no longer an effort, and will not fatigue or punishment, but will only enlist the ground so that we will reach that happiness.


One response to “The surprising truth of the action

  1. Nice article. The role of action comes up quite frequently in forums and blogs talking about the law of attraction. Another way to translate what you wrote is to understand the difference between action and inspired action; inspired action being something which you enjoy and could do for days on end. In this way, you are happy and therefore prepared. And much more productive of course. My personal opinion about action re the law of attraction is here:

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