How Wattles makes us better

The book The Science of Becoming Rich from Wallace Wattles has a fundamental objective that is to teach us to handle this science to acquire wealth, being which we wished to be, or simply to live in harmony with the universe. In addition, it has other interesting things.

One of them, first who arise to us when we read the book for the first time, is the one that says that we must make our work of the possible most perfect form. Pardon by the license, but more perfect does not exist, if it is perfect cannot be more than that, but is an emphatic turn.

The idea behind the phrase is that we must insist on making our task daily, our work, or what it is that feeds to us and dresses us every day, of the best form than we can do it. It is not enough with going to work every day or to fulfil as we pruned with our obligations, we must do it of irreproachable form.

Why?. The answer of Wallace Wattles is simple: we must contribute to improve the quality of the universe. Everything what we do every day, as small as it could be, contributes to acquire value for the universe that surrounds us. If we do it well, we will be improving the energy of the surroundings and it will be arriving to us in form of aids to our dreams.

Everything is tie. Everything is connected. And if our task is excellent, so it will be the answer of our atmosphere towards us. Of this form, Wattles also becomes a source of wealth for all that that follows its postulates exactly. And it makes us transform into positive generators that go and return, that fills to us of satisfaction and causes that our world is a little better every day.


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