The deep vision or the underground thinking

Often, within the hundreds of mails I get every month, someone asked me why having a clear vision of what he wants, this is not progressing and nothing seems to move towards their wishes. Perhaps the Wattles science is not working? What could be happening? Why nothing seems to materialize according to our wishes?

The answer is simple. Most people, not all, believe they want something that they think consciously. The conscious mind is our conscience, so is what we reach to see ourselves. But this is only the tip of an iceberg. Our mind is much more than this, and is in “underground” on our conscience. Beneath our consciousness seems to have, according to what is described by Mr Freud hundred years ago. a mind and a sub-consciousness mind and unconscious mind.

I am not a scientist and I have no elements to judge whether Mr. Freud was right or not, but clearly knew that at least a very high percentage of our mind moves deep in places, which we did not even suspect. We see only the tip of the iceberg, the part to which we have access. And if our mind is not in line with our wishes, the fraction can hardly make conscious movements to the universe and the things that must move to fulfill our true desires. Or could be contradictory and may even be cancelled.

Under our conscience our mind thinks permanently, and send messages to other things, and the knowingly substance. But nothing stops when our conscience takes a breath, for example during sleep. Our mind is still living, working, and our spirit continues awake and sending messages to the rest of the universe.

Therefore it is important to align our spirit and appreciation, perhaps our most powerful weapon, with our conscious mind, our desires or visions of what we want to be, do, or have to live. How is this done? That is the subject of another article, but in principle the only weapon in our possession is our spirit. Learning to master it is to learn to create for us. It is learning to be god.

For now, suffice is to say that this is the mechanism by which our conscious desires can be nullified by another mind, also ours, which makes us wreck. And that is why we believe that the science does not work.


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