Some times I lose myself

Sometimes, like now, I leave the blog suspended during a time, days. This time went to a trip to the Amazonia where I was spent one week to see incredible landscapes, populations so beauty and its poverty at the same time, and highways removed from an invented landscape. Crystalline water forest, mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers, birds of dream, etc etc etc.

As much beauty cannot be described. It is not possible to describe what to human eyes is beauty, and as the nature recreates, procreates and reinvent better than the most risky dreamer. At the same time, the poverty, the delay, less worthy of the human beings shrunk within a pure and infinitely beautiful landscape.

To understand to what extent we can be degraded our specie, while the nature great more and more to the species than respects and obeys it. It was a disquieting, moving, beautiful experience. Sometimes I move away of blog, but I approach more and more to people, to the universe, treating to understand how we can be so clumsy and fools.


One response to “Some times I lose myself

  1. I’ve always wanted to leave it all behind and go see the world… Like taking a very long break from everything… I wonder what that could be like…

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