A doubt that is torturing me

OK, finnally I decided to post this question to my audience, to get feedback. Since several weeks to now Iam thinking about to move this weblog to a self-hosted site. I have a site in GoDaddy.com and could move there this blog, taking a promotion of the hosting services. Their support is good for me.

Really speaking, the problem are the limitations of wordpress.com. You cannot put ads, you cannot use javascript or iFrames, you cannot…. so and so. There are so many limitations that the powerful tools they have looks darkned in middle of thet. I want to change to wordpress.org, more flexible and open minded, but it must be hosted in my own server, like GoDaddy´s.

I don´t know what to do, so I am writing this post hoping to expert advice, and opinions. Thanks… 


One response to “A doubt that is torturing me

  1. Leave your site where you feel comfortable, you cannot live in a house with windows you cannot open.

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