How to know what is what we really want?

Aha, we have arrived at the question of the million. If I had a prescription to answer that question, I would make a program of TV where respond that doubt to him to a single person and would have thousands of million viewers and hearing. It is possible that the basic question that all human being must answer itself when enters the adult age is so difficult to answer? Perhaps the human beings do not know what we want?

Perhaps it is possible that we do not have nor the most remote idea of which we want, in many cases but in almost all? If, it is possible. Perhaps it is an analogy of which the Principe of Saint Exupery said: The essential is invisible to the eyes. We would say, the Question that Seems More obvious is Most difficult To respond. Not in vain the psychologists proliferate and psychoanalysts who search our soul in look for that answer. But although there is no a prescription that says to us what mechanism to use for knowing it, we can give some tracks.

First it is to differentiate to want from to wish. The things that I want to not always are those that I desire and vice versa. To want to have something is to want it, simply, so that my mind wants that I have it. To wish it is a less mental feeling, and than it is lived more with the body, with the senses. I at this moment wish a chocolate ice cream, but I do not want for my future a chocolate ice cream, I don´t know if the difference is understood. We want with the mind, we wish with the body, the soul and the heart yet. The Science To become Rich is a mental attitude, is to want but that to wish. And what I want for my future, which I want to have, to have, to enjoy, to be, is something that I must visualize it in my mind, not to mix it with sensations or feelings. Science is mental, so that the mind creates, the heart or desire does not create.

The second is the deep introspection. There is no another way. I said in a post of some days ago that everybody has not been wanting nor truly is prepared to be rich, with all the problems that it can carry. There it is the point where we must be absolutely sincere with we our self. In the generalized case more of the readers of this blog, they will agree with me that when one arrives at certain adult age, is difficult to know what it is really wanted. This is thus so that we have been lived much, have seen many things, have been verified that the life is something so complex and complete, that one really does not know whereupon part of the life to remain, where to put the accent. It is why the sincerity with one is fundamental. Nobody as you is to say what is what you really want, but nobody as you will deceive to you so easily. It is a two-way road. And we must be sincere with ourselves, with whom but?

And the third track is “bloody more”, to give an adjective: it is to think about our personal history. The ways that we have taken and left, the place from where we come, our frustrations of kids, which sometimes we wanted to be and we did not animate ourselves or they did not let to us be, the frustrations of our parents who still weigh on us. Really, the history of our own life. That history is in the root of which we are, therefore to remove or to interpret our objectives from our same history, could not never be something other people’s to us. And perhaps we find there what really we want forwards, towards the future.

To watch to us but in history, in our history, to count it like a film and to remove there from what we need, the direction that we looked for, the future that we yearned for but without knowing it. It is obvious to mention that this is simply a way indication, each one must take the best thing than it sees and follow it. In the future, far but closely together, is there what we wished. Wattles knew it, and thus he wrote it.


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