All we are afraid of being rich

I received a mail from a friend that comment that a while ago with her husband they have a successful business. And the more successful were more problems began to appear, which ended up with the copule separated. She thinks that they were so affected that now her mind is hindered and that prevents it from moving, advance economically and have more things. She thinks that this fact makes them think, unconsciously, that if they do well with the money to go back to finish separated.

It is the fear of progress, leave happiness today. It is as if they were going to be punished by ambitious, and the universe will punish his ambition stripping what they want more than money.

I told my friend that this trauma actually exists in many people. Many of us do not want to progress faster or not we want to make progress at all because we are afraid of losing what we have, it seems to us very much. We believe that if we get rich by a coup, for example, we would bring bad luck and we could lose our family or our friends. And so we are satisfied, not risk, and try to improve a little, a very little without the Universe realize.

It is a defense mechanism of nature, while we are well, best dont innovate, dont change.

But it is a trap, an absurd  trap. Particularly because it means accepting the fear, adopt our own fear as a matter of course, who lives with us all the time. And that fear is going to finish winning our soul and seizing us. That fear will make us to progress increasingly slow, slower, to stop. And then there is no way out. No way.

The future and wealth are made for us. For whom instead? And that future we need to take, the way you want. First, we must dispel the fear of our minds, and then take in the future. As Wattles said, there is nothing good to be poor or have a modest life. If so were true, all the poor would be happy, and they are not. Poverty is not a good thing, is a sorry state that does not help us at all. And the middle class only increases the frustration of the people. Nobody can fully develop if it does not have everything that want, everything you need to show all your human qualities. Nobody can be happy in mediocrity.

And the security that we believe to have, in a shot could disappear. So we have to take our future, clean our minds of fear, and be free from fear that causes us forward. Only then can we quickly get everything we want and be truly happy.

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