The powerful people that have used their will and desire

I read somewhere that the promoters or disseminators of the book and film The Secret, based on the Law on Attraction, are given paternity on the most famous fortunes of mankind. We are told, at least I thought well understood that Carnegie, Rockefeller and the like, have become millionaires through carrying out the secret that these groups now deveale to us.

Besides being quite presumptuous, since there is the slightest way of knowing how Rockefeller made his fortune in his intimate brain, it seems to me completely nonsensical award all these fortunes to a certain way of thinking. And if the holders of such fortunes were a secret inviolate mysteriously conveyed to them, we can hardly check.

Care, I am not saying that coincidentally may have reason not to a great extent, because there is no way to prove it. But presuming it to sell books or movies I think excessive marketing. Of course, in addition to this statement stained with a conspiratorial component, as they suggest that all these wealthy individuals shared the same secret that was passed them all so dark and underground.

It is useless to mention that all this is impossible to prove. But that would be the lesser of two evils. The downside is that it puts them at a level of presumtion that makes intelligent people unbelieve immediately of his theories, ignoring its positive elements. In other words, well-intentioned people who are exposed to this level of exaggeration were horrified by its sharp smell of cheap marketing.
At least that’s what I think.

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