Acting on positive

In every one of those situations which we live, we stand with people who have a competitive vision of life. People are living trying to compete with others to secure their position at work, at society or at love. People do not hesitate to destroy their peers to earn a place in the office or in the company. People who speak badly of others, sowing doubt about its morality or simply discredited by envy.

This happens in all countries, all cultures and all activities. And this is part of a deep contradiction: Many times people make much damage to others to get a good thing for one, without thinking that an injury can never build a well. Even up to the war, the most brutal act of collective human, nobody wins, and the victors often lose more than the losers.

To think that a bad action to a coworker, speaking ill of him or destroy his reputation, can generate some good for ourselves, is to think that evil can generate a good thing. Perhaps temporarily this could happen, and we get some improvements for a while, but in the long run this will reverse in some aspect of our lives, the universe will pass the bill.

No one is alone or isolated in the universe, and the damage that we do to others is what we are doing to ourselves. Only that for our confusion, sometimes occurs positive effects misleading. If we can understand this truth so simple and naive, the world would be a place much more livable and humane.

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