A true story about how to guess the future

Much has been written here about ways to predict the future. There are people who can and who do not. It is as simple as that there are people and people. Those who can not are that they have not tried simply. And I leave you a true story.

A friend who always visits this blog began to practise the teachings of The Science of Getting Rich from Wallace Wattles. We will name her A. You can read their comments on different pages. Well, without much detail, we can say that on the same day that she began to feel that something was changing, guessed their future. In the same days that Science Wattles began to grow in his mind, she had a perception that only a guess might have. If there Seer, clear…

One day woke up and knew, she knew that that day would change something in their employment situation, which was being bombed by “sayings and makings” as she recounts in a comment to this blog. And actually the same day things changed, and changed for the better.

That’s adivination?. Forgive me, but it’s not. The future, like the past, is formed by things that are dynamics and are changing constantly and turning in our favor or against us. And that is not that the past or the future change, but we address our life in the sense of transiting the past and the future in our favour, as long as we move the substance, the vast maker of all things.

Hopefully will read more of A. in the coming days. If her faith remains strong certainly surprised us positively.

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