Why helping others? (cont.)

We all have something to give. That is a truth that has no discussion. We see it every day, at every step, in all situations. Even those who do not seem.In my work I know many people, both very capable and very prepared at universities in the first world, as well as people who just finished his elementary school and develops very simple tasks. I know also people of great experience, which many years ago that makes his task, and people just start in a trade, either simple or complex. And everywhere, absolutely everywhere, I see something that they have to give. Something that others need, at every step, every moment of the day.

We work in a group, more or less reduced. In this group, as I say, there are people of every background and experience. My first job was trying to join the group, namely giving the characteristic of a group. Understanding as a set of people with a common goal, with a project together. To do so the first thing I did, of course, to establish the common goal and comment it with everyone, making them see that we had to work for all the same.

But the second thing I did was make them see each of them that everyone had something to give to others. Rather than concentrate on showing that each was necessary that the work of each was part of the essential work of the group, my conversation with each of them was to show that they had something to give to the group. That meant that the motivation to grow exponentially. So, rather than show that each one was needed for a role, I concentrated on discovering that thing everyone could give to the group beyond their work.

Their work is the counterpart of his salary, but to enforce the injunction to Wattles “give more than they receive”, they each had to give more than they receive, that is needed to be something more than their work. Making their task merely part of a machine as a gear, which in the best case I could get perfect working to fulfill the goal. And never work in perfect shape, of course. But giving more than they receive, the mechanism of the machine operates more oiled and cover all the gaps that might have on the task of each. Thus, each one grows and the group grows and grows. Extrapolating, the universe grows, more life for all.

And what each one can give? I started mentioning all the joy and good education. Those two things are an essential first base that transform the workplace in a nice place, peaceful and pleasant. A good environment becomes all more productive and efficient. In addition lime roughness, generates confidence and makes us more easy the problems always, always going to happen.

And then I continued with leniency. The forbearance is a virtue that has no press, but is essential for understanding among human beings. The indulgence is a relative of generosity, and is to be sympathetic with the mistakes of others while we give a second chance and we have no accents too strong in the failures of others. The indulgence can build relationships between humans, that the mutual understanding of the errors of each generates an extraordinary familiarity and acceptance.

There is much more to say, and to give. But these three things I talked to each of them produced a multiplied impressive effect. Each of the people realized they had much more to give than just their work 8 hours in an office. Each became aware of how important it was to him for the whole group, and that solidified and joined the group.

Things are happening at this very moment, but I can assure you that neither ten years could have achieved as a group united as I managed in a few weeks to show what each has to give, without being obliged to do so. It is magical. Make the test.


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  1. No a la Violencia y al Crimen.


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