There is a need to be rich?

I was thinking of what a visitor wrote of this blog, who indicated that indeed the true wealth was in the sentiments, the good things in relation enter people, not the money. He said that more or less verbatim…. I think the greatest asset that a person can get in his life is empathy, trust, love, friendship, patience, understanding, all that is the real human wealth. However much money you have not you will be happier, on the contrary, that you can do the most unhappy man of the earth. Greetings….

Meanwhile another blog visitor replied, very shortly, what would happen if a family member requires urgent surgical operation that cost $ 40,000 and would not… It goes without saying that the violent situation, and given that things are real that occur every day, there is no need to exaggerate the point. We have all seen instances of the sort.

Of course fine words are very poetic and very pleasant to hear, but faced with the reality of our world today, it is impossible not to see the need to have money, to dispose of assets. Anyone can put themselves in the place of people who are not served with the technology that would be necessary to save their lives, simply because they do not have money or property to transform into money.

It is at this point where all romanticismos disappear and one despairs, even reneging on its luck and god, it is impossible and frustration that this generates.

So we need to be rich, have a lot of money, so that money is not just a problem in our lives. SIf we have enough and more than enough, then the poem may actually be a poem, dreams can be dreams, because nothing is going to be stained the color of the need. There actually may be actually the words of this person that the greatest wealth are feeling. Cuando tienes el dinero resuelto claro. When you have the money solved, of course.

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