The absolute faith in Wattles

Quoting Wattles in The Science of Getting Rico, in Chapter 4:

Do not ask why these things are true or speculate on how they could be true. Just trust them. The science of becoming rich begins with the complete acceptance of this.

Perhaps this is the assertion of Wallace Wattles more times has been unheeded. All those who have made contact with the book The Science of Getting Rico we have begun asking how we can make this work, why, what was the explanation for scientific or common sense, and so on. etc. All, or nearly all, we have fallen into that temptation.

Perhaps I know the only person who didn´t this. It is a great friend and partner who has firmly accepted the precepts of science without asking why even once. I remember that we had long conversations where he made an enormous effort to convince me that simply accept. Acept and believe.

The argument he used was simple, but very forceful. My friend said that if science was real and it worked, blindly believing it will make us rich, and there would be nothing to worry about thereafter. However, if those things were simply unrealistic and an a not working invention, or only one more fabrication, we would not do any harm or hurt us. So it was worthy believe blindly, without worrying about the origin of things beyond belief that it works.

And so we did. And really works. The most wonderful book that has been written, in my opinion, describes a strong reality as firm as the sun, clear, simple and not only make us rich but again makes us owners of our lives, govern what we want to happen, achieving what we want be or do, and ultimately makes us so happy.

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