How to live in fullness

When I managed to see that the Science for Becoming Rico really worked, it occurred to me to think that not only should apply to become rich, but also in other areas. In short, if one can obtain wealth with the mechanism that sets Wallace Wattles, can also get other things you want in life.

Some of this comment in section Experiences, where story a few things I spent using Science.

The reality is that Wattles is clearly in his book. Not only can be applied the Science to make money or make a fortune, it is also possible to use it to become what one wants to be, change the path of your life in the sense of what you want to transform.

Finally, there could be no difference between one thing and another from the point of view of the application of science, between wealth and govern the lives of each. And perhaps this is a much more pleasant than the mere accumulation of money and goods.

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