The Fear

Passed days I wrote a post about the fear, and I promised another about how to removing it. I took a long time in writing this, since I find the topic of the fear central in the form of living of the humans. I should find a certain method to escape from. That would be the biggest revolution since Wallace Wattles wrote its famous The Science of Getting Rich.
Not I believe to have achieved it, but yes I can share a series of thoughts in this respect and meditate like to progress in the matter. Much has meditated on the matter and about how should be this method. Here my ideas.
When it was a litlle boy and lived with my parents, it took me a lot of time concile the dream at nights. I don’t know if it was because had a lot of energy or for what, but it passed long while put to bed without being able to fall asleep. I would have six or seven years and we lived in a house with two rooms, in one my mother and my father and in the other me, alone and without being able to fall asleep.
We all know that at night the senses become deep and sensitive. This way, I in my vigil, believed to listen noises from the kitchen or from the backyard. And always invariably thought that it was a thief that entered to the house. I was never imagined a cat or a bird, it was always a thief. Then, from my bed I used to call to my father and asked him if he had listened that noise. And my father screamed me from his bed: it is “a cat!” or it is “the wind!”. I didn’t believe his answer and continued thinking that it was a thief, death of fear in my bed.
This history repeated night after night. Me scared to death in my bed thinking of a thief that soon would threaten us with a gun and my father looking for every day a different excuse that could be convincing.
Until one day, already tired of this sequence and not being able to sleep, after my question my father got up of his bed, he came to my room and sat down on my bed with all the patience and kindness of which was capable, and he told me very affectionately: Do you “believe that if it was a thief you would listen to it to make the most minimum noise?” 
The argument was so simple and logical that left me silenced in a beginning, stops then to make me feel so calm that never more I listened noises at night again although it consisted me to fall asleep. The argument that if a thief is really a professional one and he makes his work well, nobody would notice until it was not too late, sounded me so rational and logical that dissipated all my fears. My father didn’t say that thieves will never enter in my house, but rather I would not listen to them until he had them ahead. For my six year-old mind this was pure logic, brutal and solid as a rock.
The moral is: how we dissipate the fear? with pure, brutal and solid logic as a rock. The reality indicates us that the only thing that we create we create with the thought. If then we turn it an object with our hands it is another thing, but it was already created. It is more, the human thought is the totally original only thing in the universe. You can imagine a dog with two lines or with five paws, or sew that they don’t exist. Or a form that nobody never creates. Or designs that never been saw before.
And the reality indicates us that we are creative when we impregnate the thought in the amorphous substance. If we have a creation power, we cannot be afraid, since all that we want will be given us. The power of the creation has already been demonstrated thoroughly in the book of Wattles and in this blog, as when we mention David of Michelangelo in another post. And that creation power exercised in absolute harmony with the nature, with the everything, with god, by means of the gratitude for the things that we obtain and we will obtain, it is the one that returns us unique in the Universe.

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