Wattles revisited

As always I can, I make a re-reading of the book of the Science of Becoming Rich of our good friend and beneficent Wallace Wattles. This time was for some days of uncertainty to have happened, of doubt and of confusion in what concerns to my work and the different activities that I carry out to make money. It was, as always, to return to the source to charge the batteries.

And every time that I return encounter a new aspect in Wattles that had not seen before. This astonishes me because it is not such a long neither so dense book as so that one always finds different things.

In this case I stopped in a page with a thought that came me suddenly to my head. It was the security that Wattles is not an author of those of self-help that seeks to give us a recipe on how thinking, what to think and that if we make it we will have all the things that we want. The books of self-help have a thing in common: they say make this and that, of certain form, and your life will change one day for the other one. Wattles is different. Not there are recipes to change our form to think, there is not anything to modify in our lives. Not there is an order of things that to complete, neither recommendations that many times are contradicted among them.

Wattles is simple, simple, deeply scientific, creative, formative, and all their recommendations settle in making the things well. Only that it is necessary to make them in certain way, in a successful way, as he says, and with the faith of getting our purpose and gratitude for that to the sustance. Read it and see.


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