The road of Wallace Wattles

When I began to read the book of The Science of Getting Rich of Wallace Wattles I had the feeling of being before somebody that told us something that we already knew that it was this way, as he said it. The sensation of that known was present during the whole afternoon that I used in reading the book. It was as if I visited a place in which had already been before. As if inside my mind I already knew what was to read.

Not there is anything in the book that collides or go in against or at least it sings out of tune with things that we already know, at least those that we have worried at some time for how the human life works. It is all very natural and very clear one. We forge our future, and therefore we have the possibility to modify it to will with our mind, the most powerful mechanism that has created the nature and that no technology will be able to equal.

The only thing that it surprises, the first time that one reads the book, it is the reference to the amorphous substance. The intelligent, omnipresent, infinitely powerful and “wise” substance is a reference that perturbs who reads the book per time first. But it stops and it was a to re-discover something that already knew. There are rakes of that substance that are beginning to appear in the universe through the physics and the astronomy. Although it seems exaggerated to venture, I believe that this substance will be known in some decades, and that will become the biggest discovery that the human being can make in this universe.

For all these things the book of Wattles is something more than a simple book. It is like a magic recipe granted by somebody that at some time knew more, he saw something more and he translated it for us. And it is for this reason that one reads in so easy and quick form.


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