How to use the creative mind

Wallace Wattles indicates us repeatedly that we should use the creative mind instead of the competitive mind. The competitive mind is that makes an effort to win, that wants to take most of something that already exists in its own benefit. It is the mind that suposes that the wealths in the universe are limited and that therefore I should take it for me before it could be taken by another. And if I can take what another has well, quicker I will become rich. It is almost the limited mind, the mind of the economic rules, the squizo mind.

On the other hand the creative mind is that makes an effort to create wealths where there are not exists. It is the creative thought that looks for generating instead of appropriating, to put instead of taking out, to invent instead of competing by using the invented. It is the way like the big men of the history have become big, generating what doesn’t exist instead of keeping a portion of the existent thing.

And I think of an example excessively paradigmatic, first for the current times and then because it shows the same person clearly and consecutively in the use of their two minds. It is Bill Gates example.

When he was young, Bill used their creative mind deeply. In those years the computation companies decreased to a minuscule group led by IBM that had the vanguard and most of the market. The blue giant, as they call it, possessed enormous resources dedicated to develop more and more powerful machines and that alone could be bought by gigantic companies in many thousands or millions of dollars.

But young Bill was resolved to create an empire. Anyone in their situation, and with some common sense, had been given that it could not compete against IBM. Anyone also that had their ambition and their desire of wealth and had not still been discouraged, had thought that if he really wanted to make it should look for big investors, to propose them a convincing idea in exchange for many millions, and to rush to compete against the blue giant to be about stealing them although a small part of their enormous market. Maybe in few years it could have taken a tiny percentage of the market of the big computers and he had lived happy for ever in a humble middle class condominium.

But on the other hand Bill used his creative mind and decided to dive until finding a new niche, a new market, and he found it soon: computers for common people, for the man of the street, for the home and the small office, instead of computers for the big corporations. Their genius exploded and the substance helped him to develop a gigantic market that transformed it in few years in the richest man in the world. This way, instead of fighting for a small portion of the cake of other, his creative mind impelled him to create a new cake that was almost everything of its property and filled him with thousands of millions of dollars. Not alone he won thousands of millions but rather it contributed to change the life and the work like we know them, making an enormous jump to the modern world.

But the time passed. Not exacerbated by their enormous success the so young Bill already decided that it was moment his cake to be only for him that should not allow to enter to anybody. And it began to impel monopolic practices that were worth him millions of dollars in trials and a bad reputation like greedy, disloyal and not very prone character to the innovations if these were developed by others. The antimonopoly trials of Microsoft are a classic in all the areas of the planet and the bad reputation of its company is not gratuitous, due to those not very friendly practices. If the good of Bill had maintained their trust in itself, their honesty of young and open venturesome, their vision in the face of the risks, another would be the concept of their company among the customers.

An example like this shows us that the use of the creative mind can make us grow to high limits while the use of the competitive, greedy and conservative mind, the only thing that will make is that we lose our innocence and our capacity of creating wealth.


2 responses to “How to use the creative mind

  1. i think that the most important part is Gratitude. it connects you with the “formless intelligence” and allows you to send it the message of your desires. Gratitude intensifies that union so that your wishes are heard and the “law of attraction” will work faster. Warmest Regards – U

  2. Hi, Urayoan
    Of course, as we comment in other posts, gratitude is a basic feeling to achieve all what you want or desire.
    Wattles teachings are somewhat different that “law of attraction”, its more simple and in a certain way more sophisticated. You can see if you read the book, you can download in this blog. Please, could be very much interested for us if you comment here your thoughts about the book. Thanks for writing.

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